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The first version of Tom's Homepage was just a simple page with a few links to my other sites. Its basic purpose was to serve as a "redirect page," a place to find the links to my other sites. This page evolved to contain links to more and more of my projects, as well as e-mail addresses to contact me at. As I started to learn PHP, I created the Useful Info section, which has evolved enormously over the years.

As I learned more and more PHP, I created a simple administration system that allowed me to edit the HTML for each individual category of links using an HTML form. I could also manage the site headline, and the text in the javascript ticker. Once I got an account on the MySQL server, I redesigned my site so that the links were in a database, and I could manage them individually using a web-based administration system. This adminstration system also allowed me to manage the headline, the individual stories in the java ticker, the categories of links, and the introduction for each category. I also redesigned Useful Info, and the Contact Me form.

I started to slowly redesign parts of the existing site, such as creating the holiday countdown feature. But I eventually saw a need to redesign the site -- after all, it was one long, 7 page document! That is when I started work on the current version of Tom's Homepage. I created the original interface in a day, and then didn't touch it for a long time. Then, over the summer when Junker went down for a few weeks, I got back to the redesign (I worked on it locally). Although it wasn't ready by the time Junker was, I got it up shortly after. The rest is history!

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