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Welcome to my site! I've recently made many improvements, especially to Useful Info, and to the backend. First the more obvious changes...although this isn't too recent, browser detection now gives you details on your Gecko-based browser (if you're using one), such as the Gecko revision and build date. It also works much better at detecting various Mozilla-derivatives without each one needing to be added. I added the current INFOCon level, from the Internet Storm Center, so that you will be warned if bad things are afoot on the net...if it's not green, you may want to check the ISC to find out why, although in many cases it doesn't apply to end users. In addition, I added a row that uses an open source geolocation database to determine (or guess) your current geographical location! Just in case you don't know where you are. I also added the Firefox downloads counter, so everyone can easily see how well it's doing! I also wrote new functions for fetching remote files using curllib, which (should) increase performance for certain parts of Useful Info (the INFOCon and location data), as well as the View HTML Source page (which I also added location data to, since I already had the work abstracted to a function). This also allowed me to easily set a small timeout for loading remote data, so that my site doesn't freeze up indefinitely when sites like hostip.info are down. Additionally, I improved the Get IP/Host page so that for hosts with multiple IP addresses, it will return all of them. The entire site (I hope) is also now fully XHTML 1.1 compliant, except that it sends the text/html content type, since IE won't accept the proper one.

In addition to additions, I also removed the Guestbook, as it was mostly ads and other inappropriate content, and too annoying to stay on top of. I also removed the scrolling Java ticker, which greatly improves load time. Finally, I removed all code that changes your browser's status bar...while it was cool "back in the day," I now consider it inappropriate and annoying.

Hope you still enjoy my site, as outdated as it is! (c:=

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