My Projects:
These are generally school projects, although some branch out into my other sites, such as the fourth Funky Fill In site. I also have some Powerpoints in this category. For the Powerpoint presentations, I recommend Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, although the presentation will work on other browsers but without animation, etc.

"Airport" Project This was my Apple Airport project for Computer Problem Solving, dating back to 1999 or so.

CPS Final Project/Fourth Funky Fill In This was my Computer Problem Solving class final project, which is the fourth Funky Fill In site. Another significant improvement over the previous, it also has a section for comments. Apparently AOL has removed user homepages, so this link is no longer active...

CPS Latest Technology Report/Satellite Radio My latest technology report for Computer Problem Solving was on Satellite Radio, a technology which is now starting to be used.

Dsktp Pub Latest Tech. Report/New displays My "latest technology report" for Desktop Publishing class, on a new display technology developed by the Sarnoff Corp. This dates back to about 2000.

HTML Basics (Dsktp) My "HTML Basics" project for Desktop Publishing class. We had to make a website about a topic, so I chose HTML! This site has a user-contributed comments section at the bottom of every page, and a link at the top of each page to view its HTML source. I created this is 2000 or so.

Industrial Revolution Project (Powerpoint) This was my second major Powerpoint presentation for Western Humanities (1999), a major advance over my Renaissance project!

Master Schedule System (SHS) Allows people to view the entire Staples master schedule, or filter it by department, class, period, semester, teacher, room or any combination of the 6! It is also possible to perform keyword searches, and sort the results based on 6 fields! It makes it much easier to plan your schedule, as well as find where a teacher is! Unfortunately, it is no longer kept up to date.

New Sports System This is the public end of the new sports system that I've designed for the Staples website. It allows you to view the most up-to-date sports schedules for every Staples team in season, view any events happening today, and see the most recent changes! In the future, teams will also maintain their scores! Or at least they were supposed to...this project is now mostly defunct as well.

Renaissance Project (Powerpoint) This was my Renaissance project for Western Humanities class (1999), my first major Powerpoint!

Schedule System This is the new schedule section of the Staples website. From here, you can access any upcoming modified schedule! You can also access the daily schedule, as well as modified schedules going back to 1999! You can either view the schedule, or make a printable handout (which Mrs. Jordan used to use in the library)!

Veterans Day Page This is the Veterans Day page I put together for the Staples website. It has information on Veterans Day, as well as links to where you can learn more about it.

WWI/Germany Project (Powerpoint) In U.S. History class (2000) we had to give a report on WWI from an assigned country's perspective. We did Germany, and this Powerpoint was our "visual aid." Internet Explorer 4.0 or later recommended, will work on other browsers but without animations, etc.

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