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These are web sites that I have made for various purposes, such as my Funky Fill In site. They generally don't have any school-related purpose, and exist for the sake of existence (and practice).

Get IP/Host name Use this site to look up an IP address' host name, or a host name's IP address.

Latest Funky-Fill-In Site Finally, after nearly 8 months of being down, the latest Funky-Fill-In site is back up and running! Go ahead, try it out!

My First Website This is my first website ever...a copy of some of it, at least, thanks to the AOL Hometown shutdown...and except for the message about AOL Hometown being shut down I haven't updated it since the beginning of seventh grade! This site also has the original "Funky Fill In" site, which no longer works thanks to the AOL Hometown shutdown.

NYC Pictures This site has some great pictures I took of the Manhattan skyline and the Verrazano bridge while I was in Brooklyn (Feb. 2001).

Second Funky Fill In site This is my second Funky Fill In site, which uses a guestbook script to display the stories in the browser instead of e-mailing it to me and me sending it to you.

Third Funky Fill In site This is the third site, with some improvements over the second site. I don't think it's working right, and I can't determine why...

View HTML Source Use this site to view a web page's HTML source. It can also be used to view other text files, such as CSS and Javascript.

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